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This box. This…is a metaphor for life if you allow others to dictate it. Where you work. The type of house you live in. Your flavor of ice cream. I got tired of the box, so I jumped out. Bye, basic folks. Time to make moves.

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“Being a marketer is kinda dope. But that’s not why we’re here.”




Marketing kinda sucks. I mean, that’s because everyone and their momma think they’re marketers and social media experts. But, the fact is that it’s not social media that makes your company dope. Dope practices, commitment, dedication, and healthy pivots make companies dope. And behind every dope company is a dope human.

That’s why we’re here. I could give you all the marketing secrets in the world, but if we don’t deal with what lies beneath, the human elements, then we will have a hard time achieving goals and simply living. 

We’re also here because Regina is multidimensional (and clearly, she speaks in 3rd person). So, over here, in these parts, we’re talking, entrepreneurship, life, social issues, and whatever else pops up. Like I said, behind every dope company is a dope human. Why not get to know more about this human we call, Regina R. Patterson?

On Being an Entrepreneur

Some people know me as an entrepreneur. I may or may not operate a full-service marketing agency, RRP Marketing. We think we’re kinda amazing…not because we do good work, but because creating equity is what we REALLY focus on. (Looking for RRP Marketing? Start here.)

On Social Issues

I get really passionate about social issues, especially those affecting marginalized communities. You tend to see me on #teamBlackLivesMatter, #teamcompassion, and #teamletstalk. 

On Being Human

Lately, I find myself trying to human even more. That means enjoying life in the same capacity that I enjoy achieving. 

Let’s Hang Out!

What are you waiting for? Whether you’re looking for individual consulting, group sessions, or a speaker, I’m here to help leaders and aspiring leaders catapult BAWSE Moves.

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Looking for RRP Marketing?

Regina Patterson is the owner and principal of RRP Marketing. To find out more, visit or email

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