6 Marketing Mistakes that Could Kill Your Business

Off-the-mark bullseyeWho remembers stern doses of discipline when you were younger?  I mean the doses where your mother or father broke your heart and softened your butt all in one stroke, stern word, or even one look and word of disappointment.

I also remember that after those doses of discipline, my mother would follow up with a lecture about why she did it. Then at the end, she had the audacity to include these horrible words, “I do it because I love you.” WTFreak, mom? You do it because you love me. You could love me with an ice cream cone, dang” is what you think. (more…)

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What’s Your Convenience Rating?

When I think about convenience, there’s one story that epitomizes convenience. Convenience score: 10 (on a scale of 1-10). The story:Maze

In Atlanta (and maybe even in other bustling metro areas) there’s this guy who’s known as the traveling barber. His M.O. – he comes to you. His target market – doctors, lawyers, and other elitists. His prices – well, let’s just say the price matches the pockets of his clientele. Simply put, this guy can charge $100 for a haircut that would normally cost the average person between $13 and $20.* That’s a $76 dollar premium for something as basic and everyday as a hair cut.* (*Pricing Estimated) (more…)

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